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Condition Publique



Condition Publique

Type: Creative Installation

Location: Lilles, France
Application: Indoor Rideable Art Installation
Material Featured: R50

Builder: La Condition Publique
Designed By: Yinka Ilori Studio

Photography: Julien PitinomeMaxime Dufour + Sebastien Clavette

La Condition Publique is a public creative lab that champions art, collaboration, urbanism and sustainability. In 2019 La Condition Publique started the second renovation of a 10,000m2 former industrial wasteland creating a place for exhibitions, concerts, debates, workshops, games and a fablab. Designed by mutli-disciplinary London based artist Yinka Ilori, COLORAMA is a unique place of practice that mixes sports and street art to engage the ever growing riders and skaters community in Lilles, France.

The park uses the premium ramp surface made from old corrugated cardboard. Painted Skatelite Pro R50 has been used on all of the skatepark's features because of its grippy riding surface and ability to withstand daily use from skaters and BMXers. 

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