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Skatelite x Sloan Wolf Co.

We teamed up with or friend Elliot Sloan and his apparel brand Sloan Wolf Co. to bring you two new limited edition Skatelite Henleys. For every shirt sold we’ll be donating $10 to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Atiba Jefferson's Backyard Miniramp

There's a story behind every ramp! Go behind the scenes with us at Atiba Jefferson's backyard miniramp and learn about the history of his ramp and more. #skatelite

Skatelite Traxion Technology™

Patent Pending

We are proud to introduce Traxion Technology™ for an amazingly fast and grippy ride for your indoor surfaces.

Bridge to Skate

Bridge to Skate is a nonprofit that empowers today’s youth to take control of their lives, using skateboarding as a vehicle for creative expression and a way of owning their own wheels.

Steve Caballero's Panda Ramp

Welcome to the Panda Ramp! We are proud to team up with Steve Caballero and California RampWorks to make Cab's dream backyard ramp a reality.


For more than 25 years, Skatelite has stood the test of time as the premium skate ramp surface used by the pros, the top action sports camps and the world’s most notable competitions. Weather resistance and nearly indestructible construction delivers a balance of speed and grip not attainable with any other surface. Smooth, fast, durable and aesthetically pleasing.


It takes a unique perspective on the sport, serious drive and commitment to progress to be included among the elite. Checkout a few of Skatelite's heroes and inspirations here.

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Fast and super strong, professional grade Skatelite Pro is the supreme riding surface for outdoor skateparks and backyard ramps. The solid material is weatherproof and withstands the constant punishment inflicted by determined riders.


"Thank you Skatelite for providing an instrument that allows us to push the boundaries of our sport "

Mat Hoffman

"I always look forward to competing on ramps with fresh Skatelite. Always the grippiest, fastest and smoothest. 

Elliot Sloan

"What I was blown away by is the ramp is always covered in sawdust every day, and the thing was grippy… You’ve gotta be kidding me!"

Nate Wessel