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All Together Skatepark

All Together Skatepark provides a fun, friendly and positive skateboarding experience for all ages with a focus on creating strong connections with the youth. Learn more about Seattle's only indoor park here!

Colorama Skatepark

A unique skateable art piece designed by YINKA ILORI in Roubaix, France.

Dennis Enarson's Backyard BMX Park

Get an inside look at Dennis Enarson's backyard BMX park!

What The Pro's Use

Take a look at more people who use our product!

Elliot Sloan MEGA PARK

Continuing to push the boundaries and possibilities of what can be done on a board. Watch Elliots Mega Park part here!


For more than 22 years, Skatelite has stood the test of time as the premium skate ramp surface used by the pros, the top action sports camps and the world’s most notable competitions. Weather resistance and nearly indestructible construction delivers a balance of speed and grip not attainable with any other surface. Smooth, fast, durable and aesthetically pleasing.


It takes a unique perspective on the sport, serious drive and commitment to progress to be included among the elite. Checkout a few of Skatelite's heroes and inspirations here.

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Fast and super strong, professional grade Skatelite Pro is the supreme riding surface for outdoor skateparks and backyard ramps. The solid material is weatherproof and withstands the constant punishment inflicted by determined riders.


"Thank you Skatelite for providing an instrument that allows us to push the boundaries of our sport "

Mat Hoffman

"I always look forward to competing on ramps with fresh Skatelite. Always the grippiest, fastest and smoothest. 

Elliot Sloan

"15 years later it's still Skatelite. The durability is my favorite thing about Skatelite and it's just great to work with!" 

Cary Jackson (Builder)