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The Clatskanie Skatepark

Traveling through Oregon? The Clatskanie Skatepark is a destination worth making a stop. Clatskanie Skate Park was envisioned + created by the dedication of the Clatskanie Skate Park Committee, who raised over $109,000 to construct the park and make needed improvements. Skatelite is proud to have partnered with the city providing them with all newly built ramps and a fresh layer of Skatelite. #Skateparksforhumanity


Skatelite believes that giving back to the communities we serve is one of our greatest responsibilities, and our social responsibility efforts focus on making skateparks more accessible for everyone. All people, and especially young people, deserve to explore their dreams through possibilities and opportunities that they may not normally have access to. Skatelite encourages this access through investing in nonprofits and organizations that build a place within the community where skate fans can thrive, fostering positive growth and success in the process.